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Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. , Rio Tinto , as China ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s leading PCB assembly welding and peripheral equipment manufacturers , has been committed to providing advanced products and comprehensive quality services to the global electronics industry , the industry won a good reputation and market share rate.

Rio Tinto Shenzhen Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2000 and currently employs more than 100 people , including college education more than 10 people. Has all kinds of large and sophisticated processing equipment more than 10 sets , has a strong independent R & D innovation and production capacity. deep as the size of Rio Tinto ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s growing , the company has an area of ​​6,000 square meters industrial park.

In the professional and quality oriented business philosophy guidance , deep focus Rio Tinto who uphold the spirit of innovation and continuous improvement continue to emerge by the end of .2002 for the international electronics industry introduced the concept of environmental protection , deep Rio Tinto took the lead in the domestic market first a series of lead-free wave soldering machine V , then launched the TOP, RTOP series of lead-free reflow, successfully assisted many companies to achieve a lead-free process and technology improvements.

For the application of high -density , high-precision , low consumption of lead-free soldering equipment requirements , a number of independent intellectual property rights of the successful launch of the V-Series Lead-free devices , thanks to specialized research institutions and strong collaboration of our customers , we have received numerous recognition and favor the well-known multinational companies and a large number of popular in Southeast Asia , Korea, Japan and Europe . to meet the requirements of different customers , deep Rio Tinto latest development of large , medium and small variety of practical models to meet different levels of customer demand.

Company Address: Bao''''''''an District, Industrial Zone C Buchong District, Shenzhen, 17

Tel: 18924589353 Main products: SMT reflow soldering SMT peripheral equipment